Commissioning plan

The Responsible Gambling Trust plans to publish by 1 May 2014 details of how it intends to distribute funds for the 12 months ending 31 March 2015. For details of last year's commissioning plan please  Read more.

Responsible Gambling Info Hub

The Responsible Gambling Info Hub is an independent and free online resource for anyone who has an interest in the nature of gambling and its impact on individuals and societies.

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Gambling-related advertising

The Responsible Gambling Trust has published a report reviewing the international research on gambling-related advertising. The report by Dr Per Binde of the University of Gothenburg pays particular attention to studies that concern the impact of such advertising on participation in gambling and the prevalence of problem gambling. A key aim of the report is to provide useful recommendations about the potential of research approaches in producing reliable and meaningful results. Read more.  

Gaming machines research programme

The Responsible Gambling Trust has expanded its research programme into gaming machines with the highest stakes and prizes in Britain and increased the available budget by 50% to £750,000 to provide the focused research needed to inform policy decisions in relation to gambling machines in licensed betting offices (LBOs). Read more.

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